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Could it be? Did I just finish another chapter of When the Rest of Heaven Was Blue, the Buffy/Spike fic that I started in 2008? Yes, yes I did. It took me four years, and the chapter is very short, but the penultimate chapter of this albatross of a fic is finally ready. And in need of a beta. Any volunteers?

Hey, maybe I'll manage to actually finish this thing before its tenth anniversary!

Funnily, it's actually thanks to Doctor Who that this fic progressed. One of the reasons why I haven't been writing much Buffy fic in the last few years is because my main writing fandom has been The Mentalist, and my Buffy voice was too much like my Lisbon voice. I couldn't hear Buffy's voice in my head without contantly turning into Lisbon, and I can't really write a character unless I can hear them. But I've been working on a Doctor Who fic for a ficathon for the last few weeks, which seems to have cleared the Lisbon voice from my head, and now I could finally return to this fic and not keep thinking that Buffy sounded too much like Lisbon.

(of course, as I was writing this post, I realised that both this chapter of "When the Rest..." and the Doctor/Clara fic I'm working on are yet another variation of the male sleeps and the female watches... Because apparently there's exactly one romantic plotline I can write for het couples)

Books July to September

Oct. 16th, 2017 03:52 pm
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An Awfully Big Adventure - Bainbridge, Beryl
My Louder Than life Story - Blessed, Brian
The Luminaries - Catton, Eleanor
Nemesis - Christie, Agatha
The Christmas Surprise - Colgan, Jenny
Little Beach Street Bakery - Colgan, Jenny
Pandora - Cooper, Jilly
Frost at Morning - Crompton, Richmal
To See Ourselves - Delafield, EM
A Winter Away - Fair, Elizabeth
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells - Faulkes, Sebastian
Sisters at the Chalet School - Fletcher, Amy
A Tiny Bit Marvellous - French, Dawn
Cotillion - Heyer, Georgette
The Sex Lives of Cannibals - Joost, Maarten
Dead Now, Of Course - Law, Phyllida
Company in the Evening - Orange, Ursula
Bewildering Cares - Peck, Winifred
Brownsea Silver - Peyton, KM
Winter Solstice - Pilcher, Rosamunde
Voices in Summer - Pilcher, Rosamunde
Whose Body - Sayers, Dorothy L
Outsider: Almost Always, Never Quite - Sewell, Brian
Hidden Figures - Shetterly, Margot Lee
Miss Melville Rides a Tiger - Smith, Evelyn E
Miss Melville Returns - Smith, Evelyn E
Wild Strawberries - Thirkell, Angela
The Headmistress - Thirkell, Angela
The Demon in the House - Thirkell, Angela
Private Enterprise - Thirkell, Angela
Pomfret Towers - Thirkell, Angela
Peace Breaks Out - Thirkell, Angela
Northbridge Rectory - Thirkell, Angela
Miss Bunting - Thirkell, Angela
Marling Hall - Thirkell, Angela
Jutland Cottage - Thirkell, Angela
Growing Up - Thirkell, Angela
Enter Sir Robert - Thirkell, Angela
Cheerfulness Breaks In - Thirkell, Angela
Before Lunch - Thirkell, Angela
August Folly - Thirkell, Angela
Ankle Deep - Thirkell, Angela
A Double Affair - Thirkell, Angela
Revenge Wears Prada - Weisenberg, Lauren

Yes, that is a lot of Thirkell. )

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Oct. 9th, 2017 12:58 pm
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Day 10: A song you never get tired of:

This one is really easy for me. When I start skipping tracks on my mp3 and I'm furious that it just isn't playing anything that I even like and why do I even have all this music on there and I've never liked any of it and everything itches... there are like five songs that I am actually looking for. My beautiful completely impractical but truly beautiful sony walkman mp3 player of yesteryear genuinely knew when I was fastforwarding too much and went to songs it knew I hardly ever fast forwarded, which at the time meant it usually just played me 'jump in my car' and dexy's midnight runners until I calmed down. My new mp3 is stupider than it, so what I do is I load it with six versions of the songs I really like and this way up my chances of hitting them when I need to.

Anyway, this one is the most perfect song of all of them. More perfect even than Jump In My Car by David Hasselhoff, which is saying a lot:

I really liked the first episode of new season scandal. Read more... )

I liked episode 2 of HTGAWM much more than episode 1.

I'm pretty much avoiding new things.

Oh no, I did. I watched Extinct, which people are either avoiding because it's blatantly rubbish, or just because it has Orson Scott Card's name all over it. It's awful. I watched all eight episodes of it. And then, it didn't even end, because what they've done is release eight of ten episodes, but are keeping the last two until a month's time. Because that makes sense. It's about a thing where humans went extinct (alien invasion) and then some of them have been brought back to life by aliens 400 years later, and instead of showing us them coming back and building a community and trying to exist it's set after all that happened and went wrong and now there are just three people who've been brought back yet again, and they are so badly cast if you wanted to cast people who could act, but also they're not very... it's like they're sort of CW levels of acting, but not even CW levels of pretty young people, and they purposefully put a thing in about how the aliens only resurrect humans at the PRIME of their life, so they're all like 25, which is perfect excuses for making a show all about beautiful young people. Maybe they thought they did. It's terrible anyway, but I watched the whole thing imagining how better it would have been if it was Jeremiah, Kurdy and Theo, and had enough money/imagination for like fifty extra characters. It would have been swell.

I bought some 'hair custard' from lush, I didn't actually buy it, I made them give me a little tester pot of it. My hair stinks. It's four days later and it still stinks. It's made it softer and a bit heavier and tidier, but I smell of sickly vanilla and I can't get away. If you want to be like that girl in a book that wafts past people and makes them think of sweets and pastries then buy hair custard. It's horrific, but please yourself.
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Hello Yuletide gift-giver!

I am so happy we matched! Yuletide is just greatness, and the single greatest thing is that other people love my tiny fandoms too. It's awesome. Thankyou for being that person, whoever you are!

Now, I personally always want to hear more about my recipient. If you are not somebody who goes looking for optional details, then that's totally fine! Please go ahead and do your thing! If you have a story of your heart in one of these fandoms, that'll be wonderful. I want that story! Go for it! Stop reading now! But I suspect most of us do in fact want more info. And for that purpose, here is some stuff!

me as a reader )

And my specific requests:

Lynes and Mathey series )

Star Trek: Discovery )

Think of England )

The Good Place )

Thanks again, amazing Yuletide gift-giver, and have fun!


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